Gaze Tracking

We designed a computer program that monitors the user's eye movements through a camera and calculates where the user is looking at on the monitor screen.

Innovation Board

A small, Arduino-compatible development board for the UNL community.

Collaborative Research: Spatial Visualization Skills and Engineering Problem Solving

We are investigating how spatial reasoning skills as measured by the mental cutting test (MCT) relate to EE problem solving.

Animal Tracking

We're developing a deep network that can track the behavior of livestock to decrease antibiotic load and improve animal health.

Surgical Robotics

We partner with the Advanced Surgical Technologies Lab to build out computer vision solutions to some of the toughest surgical robotics problems


MERT — The Madonna expiratory respiratory trainer — helps rehabilitate stroke patients who struggle with breath control.

Crossing the Threshold of Problem Solving: Electrical Engineering vs. Chemistry

We are conducting educational research in determining whether an abstraction threshold exists for students enrolled in different EE courses.

Habitable Volume

Using Microsoft Kinect depth cameras and UWB localization, we're helping NASA figure out how much space astronauts need in space.

Angelos Behavioral Classification

Angelos is a low-cost wireless sensor network that helps doctors keep track of the behaviors and activities of their patients while they're at home.

USB Stereo Camera

A small, low-cost stereoscopic camera

Autonomous Quadrotor RFID Inventorying

We’re using the AscTec Pelican UAV to do autonomous inventorying using LIDAR-based SLAM and a long-range RFID reader.

Camera Sync

A simple variable-frequency pulse generator for synchronizing multiple cameras

Information Theory / Coding

PSRG started as an Information Theory research group — check out some of our core contributions to this fundamental field.